A Network of Faith
— Rob Schellenberg

“Thank you for this group; they have really deepened my faith.”

In Toronto’s business sector, a new Christian sought ways to grow in his faith. A Christian executive introduced him to LeaderImpact, a ministry founded by Paul Henderson, which brings business people together to grow in their faith. He met with an Area Manager, who connected him with a group of 10 business leaders who met regularly downtown. Through their discipleship, he learned how to pray, live out his faith and talk about it. Over time, his confidence in his faith grew, and sharing the gospel came naturally; he even invited a senior colleague to a LeaderImpact event. At one of the meetings, he prayed: “Thank you for this group; they have really deepened my faith.”

Rob Schellenberg [MDiv 2015] is the Area Manager for Downtown Toronto and Mississauga at LeaderImpact. He equips and trains business leaders in discipleship and evangelism. The ministry has created an extensive network of Christians reaching out to seekers. He knows that changing the life of a business leader will, in turn, change the lives of so many more.

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