Saving Lives
— Phil Ralph

“You saved my life, and you saved my marriage.”

A Canadian soldier returned from an overseas deployment and was looking forward to returning to a normal life. His mind, which had been in overdrive for so long, continued to think he was in the field and in danger. He had post-traumatic stress disorder, which caused depression, suicidal thoughts, and he felt unable to leave his basement. His life was falling apart, and his wife was set to leave him. Wounded Warriors Canada funded a service dog that was trained to recognize anxiety and create a safe environment. Caring for the dog brought routine back to the soldier’s life; he was finally able to leave the house for walks. He convinced his wife to attend the charity’s equine retreat with him, where they built bridges and strengthened their relationship.

The soldier wrote a letter to Phil Ralph [Bachelor of Theology 1981, MDiv 1983], the National Program Director of Wounded Warriors Canada, saying, “You saved my life, and you saved my marriage.” Phil loves being able to make a difference in people’s lives.

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